Crush Vest
Crush Vest
Crush Vest
Crush Vest
Crush Vest

Crush Vest

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Subtle armor, made out of fibers from plants grown deep within Pridebloom Woods... These chest plates make you look both stylish and discrete when in reality, you can pack a mean punch.

The Crush vest embodies Pancakes’ thick coat of fur and endless supply of pans to increase your DEFENSE.

You’d always known your heart was too big for your own good, but that never stopped you from throwing caution to the wind and giving your heart to the wrong person. In those moments, staring out the bus window, raindrops sliding slowly down the glass, swaddled in your new vest like a blanket, you’re thankful. Because heartbreak hurts, but it’s significantly better when it feels like you’ve been wrapped in a warm hug.


  • 45% Viscose | 28% Nylon | 27% Polyester
  • Knitted sweater vest
  • Argayle pattern
  • Embroidered logo


  • Regular unisex fit
  • Jasmin is 5'3" and wearing size S
  • Bob is 5'10" and wearing size M