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A intersex person is born with a combination of male and female biological traits.

"Hello! My name is Jaimiiee Dorsey and I’m an intersex woman!

From the beginning of my life I have always been different, and I felt like I didn’t fit into any group of people because I didn’t know where I belonged.

From getting bullied everyday in school by the girls just because of my voice, to the fact I had small breasts due to my body not being able to develop fully as a intersex woman.

After time of being in school and living my life I decided to identify as female since I was already going through puberty as a female and developing breasts.

I decided to share my story on Instagram to inspire other woman like me and to show the world what a intersex woman is and what we go through being the 1% of the population."

~ Jaimiiee (she/her/hers)


Over the pandemic, we started Project Beanie, a collection of 20+ beanies representing LGBTQIA+ identities. These beanies are modelled by our followers, and highlight the voices in our family. We hope you resonate with their stories!


  • Duo-tone beanie
  • Embroidered Orbit logo
  • 100% Acrylic
  • One size (9.3" width when laid flat)