🎨 Meet Covacut!

📍 San Francisco

🎨 About Covacut

Hi! My name is Cole and I'm the designer/founder of POP.
What initially drew you to art and how did you begin your artistic journey?
I loved art ever since I was a kid. Not able to feel safe in my queer identity, I used art as a way to express myself and as a way to "escape", if you know what I mean! I'm so incredibly grateful I had the chance to turn my art into advocacy by founding POP in freshman year of college. I'm super excited that I can express herself while helping you all express yourselves, too. <3
Who or what in the LGBTQ+ community has been a significant inspiration for your work?
Youtubers like Frederic Chen, who is both a friend and inspiration, and streamers like Aimsey and Ranboo for creating safe spaces for queer people online and helping us find community when perhaps our physical spaces don't offer us one!
What themes do you frequently explore in your art and why?
Anything joyful, cute, and bold. I think a lot about the retro cut-and-sew pieces of the 60s and capturing a sense of nostalgia and pride through my work.
What’s your dream project or collaboration?
POP on a TV show like Sex Education or HeartStopper!