Our Shipping Policy


All other products except for our pins and Ita Bags are manufactured on demand.

1. Policy for Our Pins + Bags:

For pins that are currently in stock, we pack and send them every first and third Monday of the month. Delays may occur due to public holidays, severe weather etc., but all pins will be packed and shipped within 4 weeks of ordering, if not, a full refund will be issued.

For products on preorder status (eg. our Ita Bags), shipping and packaging estimates will be available on their product pages. 

2. All Other Products (Stickers, Hoodies, and Cards):

These products are shipped separately, so if you've ordered both pins and these products you will receive two separate packages.  

We will however followup on your product with our manufacturer as soon as they are ordered. If it has been more than 2 weeks and you haven't received your order, please send us an email at infopawsofpride@gmail.com and we'd be happy to follow up for you. 

Shipping Costs:

All shipping costs are calculated at checkout. We ship from Hong Kong via the HK Post service, which is referred to your local post offices.

Local Delivery (Hong Kong) starts at $1.95

International Delivery starts at $3.95. Base values depend on your country (up to $5 minimum cost) 

Tracking Your Order:

Once your order has been sent via Hong Kong post, you will receive an email with your tracking number and a link to the HK Post Office Tracking website.

This process may take up to 36 hours after posting, so products may be posted on Monday, but you may not be notified until Thursday. Please send us an email at infopawsofpride@gmail.com if you'd like to check on your order status. 


Will will only issue manual refunds if:

1. Order has taken more than 4 weeks to process, has not been sent, and the buyer would like us to send a refund. A full refund will be issued. No items exchanged.

2. Your order has not been sent yet, and you would like to retract your order. A full refund will be issued. No items exchanged.

3. The product you've requested has run out of stock, and you would prefer a refund. Refund for that specific product (and respective shipping costs) will be issued. You will not receive that item.
 ----- We are also more than happy to swap for other items of the same price, if you'd prefer to do so. 


What if I received the wrong item? 

Please send us an email! We would be happy to:

1. Send you a new, correct item. You may keep the incorrect item.

2. Send you a refund for that item, if you'd prefer not to wait for it arrive again.


For any other issues or questions, please contact us at infopawsofpride@gmail.com !