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Woodlands Hoodie (Snifferish X POP) - LIMITED EDITION
Regular price $75.00

This is a LIMITED pre-order item. Pre-orders will close permanently on October 15th. The first 200 orders get an exclusive sticker. Orders are expected to ship December 15-Jan 1.

You are strolling deeper into a mystical forest. As you wander deeper into the emerald-green foliage, a sense of adventure tingles in the air. The scent of damp earth, moss-covered stones, and wildflowers guides your path through the maze of trees.

The hoodie you wear, like a second skin, absorbs the earthy aromas, blending them with its own comforting scent. It becomes a sensory map, enticing you to explore hidden nooks and secret groves.

It is as if the forest itself has whispered its secrets into this hoodie.

Designed by Snifferish & POP.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Plushie antlers
  • Sleeve graphics
  • Front graphic
  • XS-4XL Available
  • This is a PRE-ORDER item.


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