🎨 Meet Moonkachu!

📍 Florida

🎨 About Moonkachu

Hi there :]
I’m Moonkachu, but you can call me Moon!
What initially drew you to art and how did you begin your artistic journey?
I’ve been drawing my whole life, for as long as I can remember! I know it all began because I would watch my mother draw when I was still really little, so I would draw too, and I just kept drawing! It’s something that has always made me extremely happy, and I’m glad it's both my passion and my job! My artistic journey is honestly only possible thanks to the amount of support I’ve been given from friends and family in all these years and I’m very grateful! :D
Who or what in the LGBTQ+ community has been a significant inspiration for your work?
I think my biggest inspiration in the LGBTQ+ community would have to be Aimsey. I look up to them so much, they’re so kind and their content inspires me every day. I’ve always enjoyed drawing them, working out animatics and such all for fun. And the support they show towards me and many other artists is something that means so much to me. They are my biggest inspiration and I wish to continue to draw them a whole lot more! :D
What themes do you frequently explore in your art and why?
I can’t really say because I’m not too sure, it really is just whatever comes to mind! I always try to throw in vibrant colors in my art though, colors just express so much and they make my happy! The more colors the sillier the art! :D
What’s your dream project or collaboration?
My dream project, one I’ve been dreaming of since I was a little girl, is to create my own animated show some day! I’d like to create a show and use what's earned from the show to help so many people in need, as a way of saying thank you to everything the world has given me. That’s the real dream, to help and inspire people, I just want people to smile, and I hope one day maybe I can do just that! :D