UVO Bucket Hat
UVO Bucket Hat
UVO Bucket Hat
UVO Bucket Hat

UVO Bucket Hat

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UVO sightings (Undefined Valid Objects) have been happening for centuries. Tales of lost pilots and disappeared planes and vanished identities emerge around these parts of the skies. Some say there are magnetic anomalies there that throw compasses off-course, while others say tropical cyclones are the culprit.

Perhaps the UVOs are due to a simple process of natural geology? Perhaps they were the creation of aliens, who passed this way and marked a landing point for future visits to earth? It’s still a mystery.

You land among the clouds. Warm up, join the huddle...


  • 60cm / 23.6" circumference
  • 360° embroidery
  • Reversible
  • Purple and blue variants (of the side with the embroidered Paws Of Pride). If you select the blue variant, the inside is purple while the outside is blue, and vice versa.