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An abrosexual person experiences changing sexual identity.

“I am fluid, not only in gender, but in sexuality. And I am proud to show it. As abrosexuality is a less commonly known sexuality, I am honoured to represent my community and wear my flag with pride.

Abrosexuality entails fluidity, with sexuality changing as time passes. As with any sexuality, it is a spectrum: some people, like me, can be omnisexual today and asexual the next, while others may only experience changes every few months or even years. I find my abrosexuality beautiful in that it is an integral and unique part of me.

I am fluid, not only in my gender and sexual identity, but as a human. In the past year, I’ve learned to embrace my fluidity in all its ups and downs, and will continue to grow and learn alongside my sexuality. I’m here to shout to the world that I am proud to be abrosexual!”

~ Alex (they/he)


Over the pandemic, we started Project Beanie, a collection of 20+ beanies representing LGBTQIA+ identities. These beanies are modelled by our followers, and highlight the voices in our family. We hope you resonate with their stories!


  • Duo-tone beanie
  • Embroidered Abi logo
  • 100% Acrylic
  • One size (9.3" width when laid flat)