Blush Skirt
Blush Skirt
Blush Skirt
Blush Skirt
Blush Skirt

Blush Skirt

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This skirt is flexible, fashionable, and for all genders. It comes with elastic shorts that don’t hinder your leg movements, and pockets big enough to fit a weapon.

The pink colour of the Blush Skirt represents the subversion of gender stereotypes, while still maintaining soft elements.

Stereotypes try to control how we view other people, and they may even control how you view yourself. There are plenty of false binaries. Robots or princesses. Too girly or too boyish. You find yourself drawn to something that you want so much but are so scared to embrace. And that’s okay, and that’s still you. A stereotype amounts to a few words but you amount to an entire existence.


  • Plaid skirt
  • Pockets
  • Soft elastic shorts underneath
  • 100% polyester
  • Embroidered logo


  • Regular unisex fit
  • Jasmin is 5'3" and wearing size XS