Forest Skirt
Forest Skirt
Forest Skirt
Forest Skirt

Forest Skirt

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This skirt is flexible, fashionable, and for all genders. It comes with elastic shorts that don’t hinder your leg movements, and pockets big enough to fit a weapon.

Forest faeries, woodland elves, nymphs, the mysterious will-o-wisps… the forest around POP Academy is filled with all sorts, each with their unique brand of magic. Soft grass cushions your every step as you pad through the forest barefoot. Flowers bloom all around you as the leaves overhead whisper in the breeze, shifting the light which softly dapples the floor. Here, everyone is welcome. The forest does not judge, no matter your gender identity, nor your sexual preferences. Butterflies dance around you and birds sing sweetly above, unfazed by whether you like girls, guys, both, or neither. And that is how things should be.


  • Plaid skirt
  • Pockets
  • Soft elastic shorts underneath
  • 100% polyester
  • Embroidered logo


  • Regular unisex fit
  • Lili is 5'5" and wearing size S