Bee Skirt
Bee Skirt
Bee Skirt
Bee Skirt
Bee Skirt

Bee Skirt

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This skirt is flexible, fashionable, and for all genders. It comes with elastic shorts that don’t hinder your leg movements, and pockets big enough to fit a weapon.

A field of bright yellow flowers stretches out in front of you endlessly. Bees weave deftly in between petals, dipping their tongues into sweet nectar. You take a deep breath, and your nose is flooded with the sweet, soft scent of honey and flowers.

Bees work together seamlessly and harmoniously to create a beautiful hive and the honey within. They’re a peaceful society which work together and fulfil their purpose, all without judgement of one another. The sweet honey which makes the way onto our tongues as a result is a testament to how well this system of working together and understanding one another works. This bee skirt is sure to warm your heart with its cheery yellow tones, as well as feel the camaraderie and support of the entire POP family.


  • Plaid skirt
  • Pockets
  • Soft elastic shorts underneath
  • 100% polyester
  • Embroidered logo


  • Regular unisex fit
  • Kaylin is 5'7" and wearing size XS