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A pansexual person experiences attraction regardless of gender.

"Hi Earthlings! I’m Coco and I’ve just realised my pansexual identity around 6 months ago.

Despite being criticised in my fairly traditional Asian household, I was fortunate enough to have supportive friends both in Hong Kong and in Cardiff.

Even though society perceives it as a controversial identity, I‘ve grown to realise that: Yes, I’m female, queer, I am everything you don’t believe in— but I am valid!

It is true that some people will always look at us with disapproval but we should never give up on trying to change it. Destroying queer stigma might be a lifelong battle, but I will stand firm, and I will fight. And love will be my weapon of choice."

~ Coco (she/her)


Over the pandemic, we started Project Beanie, a collection of 20+ beanies representing LGBTQIA+ identities. These beanies are modelled by our followers, and highlight the voices in our family. We hope you resonate with their stories!


  • Duo-tone beanie
  • Embroidered Pancakes logo
  • 100% Acrylic
  • One size (9.3" width when laid flat)