Tempest Vest
Tempest Vest
Tempest Vest
Tempest Vest
Tempest Vest

Tempest Vest

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Subtle armor, made out of fibers from plants grown deep within Pridebloom Woods... These chest plates make you look both stylish and discrete when in reality, you can pack a mean punch.

The Tempest vest embodies the IBKC’s mysterious and playful nature to increase your STEALTH. 

Some days, you just want a space to yourself in the world. It’s a beautiful day, the sky is blue, the afternoon breeze flows past your curtains and tickles your hair, and the sun filters in your room just the right amount, basking it in a comfortable glow. Tucked comfortably in your sheets and your new soft vest, your eyes flutter shut in a guilt-free nap, snuggled up with three friends by your side.


  • 45% Viscose | 28% Nylon | 27% Polyester
  • Knitted sweater vest
  • Argayle pattern
  • Embroidered logo


  • Regular unisex fit
  • Creamy is 5'4" and wearing size M
  • Bob is 5'10" and wearing size M